Danielle Deopere, Instructor

More Than Music, LLC
Meditation and Mindfulness Instructor

Over the years I have explored a variety of different career opportunities. All of these adventures have had one thing in common: people! I enjoy meeting new people, hearing their stories, and supporting them through their journeys. In the past, I have sold homemade clothing and accessories at music festivals, provided direct support to people with disabilities, worked in restaurants, retail stores, and more. I became a Special Education Teacher in 2012 and have a Master’s Degree in Special Education: Autism Spectrum Disorders. I work with students in many different disability areas and have experience teaching students of different ages, but especially enjoy working with students in secondary school. It’s so great to see their personalities and values develop as they grow! 

My other regular gig is playing live music. I have been involved in the local music scene since 2008 with various music groups: DD & Rosco, The Little Prairie Pickers, and Bothered By Daisy. My voice is my primary instrument, but I also play the banjo, guitar, and ukulele. My music is what has brought me to The New Ulm WELLness Collective. In 2019 I was in a difficult place with my mental health and sought out any kind of healing that I could. I was drawn to The WELL and the practitioners there helped me in my journey to wellness. After that experience I began to wonder how I could be a part of the tribe vibe at The WELL and how I could help people going through similar experiences. The answer was clear… music! My business name is “More Than Music, LLC” because it truly is MORE than music! Music is like a friend that understands your situation, it’s a mood booster, and it can clear away the negativity we sometimes pick up throughout the day. 

In 2020 I became certified as a Meditation and Mindfulness Instructor. I combine meditation and live music to create restful studio classes that refresh the body and soul. In these classes you will hear the hum of strings and acoustic vocals, feel your body relax in a zero gravity chair, and feel the outside world drift away while you experience relaxation and bliss.