2021 Founders Drive: Life WELL Lived

Access to wellness is fundamental to human happiness and well-being. As such, it needs to be widely accessible. Our mission is to offer an abundance of wellness services and classes that meet the rural health needs of our community.

 We need your help to continue our important work.

Our History

The New Ulm WELLness Collective was created in 2016, providing a space for qualified health and wellness practitioners and instructors to come together under one roof. Their shared vision brought about mutual support of one another, as well as fulfilling the expressed health needs of our area communities through integrative health and wellness services.

In less than five years, the collective quickly grew from six women to 18 women, each bringing innovative health and wellness opportunities to the community. This rapid growth has necessitated more oversight, building renovations, and the decision in 2020 to move to a non-profit model, incorporating as a 501(c)3, and appointing a board and executive director.

Many organizations or businesses adopt a philosophy of “If we build it, they will come.” Over the last 5 years we have done precisely the opposite and adopted a philosophy of “If they come, we will build it.”

We have received a resounding “build it!” from our community and have intentionally grown according to that feedback. Now we have reached a crossroads. For our continued growth it has become necessary for us to take on the responsibility of purchasing and hopefully expanding our building in order to accommodate the growing needs of our community and make our services and classes widely accessible.

We hope that you will join us in this belief and consider being a part of our 2021 Founders Drive: “Life WELL Lived.”

Our Mission:
Happy Bodies.
Healthy Minds.
Whole Spirits.

We believe that wellness should not be a luxury available to only a few, but a right that should be available to ALL. 

Healthy Economies, Healthy Lives

A common struggle for nonprofits is sustaining their mission due to dependence on the generosity of donors, or the success of fundraisers.

Rather than remaining reliant on donations for our continued existence, The Well ensures basic operating expenses are covered through the renting of office and class space to practitioners. Our collective model was chosen precisely because we saw that when Individually-owned businesses with a common mission had the ability to collaborate with one another, this set them up for success while simultaneously increasing community access to wellness opportunities. Through this unique model, we are able to achieve a secondary goal: providing entrepreneurial professional women a setting in which to successfully start and sustain their business. 

Organizing our nonprofit this way means fundraising revenue can be allocated for scholarships, expansion, and growing wellness offerings and support groups in our community that would otherwise be inaccessible. In short: the business sector and the nonprofit sector are not mutually exclusive, but rather, they depend on one another to thrive!  

2021 Goal

The aim of our 2021 Founder’s Drive is to raise $250,000 in order to secure our space, begin needs-based programming, and make necessary renovations for handicap accessibility and sound proofing.

Ongoing Objectives

Donation Levels


Up to $1,000

  • Recognition on The Well website


$1,001 – 5,000

  • All Fountain benefits
  • Social media shout out  & blog mentions
  • Recognition on the Wellspring Donors Wall


$5,001 – 9,999

  • All Spring benefits
  • Free advertisement in “The Wellspring” tri-annual  Journal



  • All Geyser benefits
  • Recognition on promotional materials for one year