Kinzie Eckstein

Kinzie Eckstein, MA, OTR/L, RPYT
Healing Routines, LLC
Occupational Therapy, Yoga, Life Coaching

We, as humans, are in a constant state of healing. Healing from the past. Healing from trauma or loss. Healing from injury or illness. Healing from the daily stressors of our lives. Healing from the pains of the world and a broken heart. Sometimes, we might even require healing from the healing process itself. That’s a lot of healing.

It is also a lot of opportunity for growth, reflection, and connection. Opportunity to shed what no longer serves and be curious as to what lies ahead. That’s a whole lot of opportunity for LIVING. It is in our daily lives, the simplest of routines, that we influence our healing journey. How do you start you day? What do you do with those moments of “free time”? Do your habits promote healing and well-being? Or are you stuck in a hamster wheel of overwhelm?

My role as a healer is not to heal you, but to help you remember and find the key that unlocks your healing resources. For you my friend, are beautifully made not only to heal, but to LIVE. As a holistic Occupational Therapist I partner with you to heal your daily routines through, coaching techniques, yoga philosophy, and evidence based interventions. Learn more about my background, education, and services on my website

Namaste ~