Lori Mathiowetz MA, CSD,
Executive Director, New Ulm Wellness Collective
Riverbend Spiritual Care, LLC


When I first ventured out solo into private practice I could have never imagined that within ten years I would be practicing alongside such a talented and experienced collective of women in the health and wellness field. In my work as a spiritual director, I have the awesome privilege of getting to accompany people on their spiritual journey. Whether you grew up in a particular religion, or learned everything you know about God from the movie Dogma, I can work with that. Like therapy our time together is confidential and hopefully healing. Unlike therapy, I am less concerned with diagnosing you with anything and believe at my core that there is more right with us than there is wrong with us. (Incidentally, I believe God feels this way about you too;)  If you find yourself asking deep questions, feeling restless with life, or seeking that elusive “something more,” I’m your gal