Marja Sowers

I am a certified yoga sculpt instructor and have been teaching yoga in New Ulm since 2016. My fitness philosophy is all about feeling good; that means having some fun, breaking a sweat, and feeling your strength grow from the inside out. I love hearing from fellow yogis that they did a push-up from their toes for the first time, held plank a few seconds longer, or weighted-up for a couple of reps. That is the power that comes from practice!

Although we are not currently mat-to-mat in the studio, I am so proud of and grateful for the community of yogis that have continued their practice with me virtually. You continue to motivate and inspire me, and keep me honest when I have trouble counting or confuse my right and my left! I look forward to the day we can safely practice together again!

What do I do besides yoga? I work full-time for General Mills, chase around my two girls, keep my husband busy with technology questions, drink lots of coffee, and relax with chocolate and Real Housewives.